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It's your TV Channel space on the web. Secure it now.

If you've got engaging content to tell the world about - engage your audience further with a distinct and memorable .tv domain name. It's the best way for anyone who's a fan of film, television or video to find your website. A .tv domain name screams "Take a look at me now!"

.tv is easy to remember and says what it is.
A .tv web address is easy to remember. It's easy to say, and it says exactly what it is. When users see a .tv domain name they know to expect video, film, animation, user-generated content and rich media of all kinds.

.tv adds value for business owners.
It's also a great choice for product demonstrations, How-to videos, keynote addresses, plus training and educational content. So, whether you are in the business of creating videos or just use videos in support of your business, a .tv domain name is the natural place for your rich media content.

.tv can augment your already existing website pages.
Customers with already established .com websites also have lots to gain. A .tv address gives you another area to explore and store rich media content. Augment your main web site with a micro site, film channel, video gallery, portfolio and more with a .tv domain.

.tv is a great opportunity to build and secure your brand.
.tv is a relatively wide-open frontier in the domain market. Chances are much greater that your ideal domain is still free! And if you are serious about expanding and protecting your identity you should own your address across all top level domains including .tv. This helps ensure that your brand is yours and yours alone in the online space.