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Why register through Netfirms?

We know there is a lot of choice out there, but we also know why hundreds of thousands of customers trust us with their domain names — outstanding value. With domains for just $9.95/year, we offer the best price. Not to mention, some of the best features available:

Fast registration.

Your domain can be live in just minutes. Thanks to our streamlined registration process, your domain name can be registered, hosted and your email set up fast. So you can be ready to share your ideas with the world sooner.

Trusted source.

We've been doing this since 1998 and we have a stellar reputation when it comes to providing exceptional value and quality service to our customers. So you can relax knowing you're working with a company who knows what they're doing and who always puts your best interests first.

Ease of use.

Our Netfirms Control Panel puts you in total control. Extremely user-friendly, its features and functions have been designed to meet all of your needs. So you can easily manage multiple domains, subdomains, domain forwarding, A-records, name servers, locking, transfers and so much more.

24/7 Customer Support.

You're never alone in what you're doing. If you ever need help with your domain, or hosting, or anything else you've ordered from us, let us know. Our team of experts would be only too glad to help. You can reach us via Live Chat, email or phone any time of the day or night.

* Domain .com, .net and .org sale pricing is $9.95/year for the first year. Domain will renew at $15.99 each year thereafter.

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To .com or not to .com?

There are millions of domain names to choose from, and millions more already chosen, so finding the one that works right for you can be a real challenge. And when you finally do decide on a name, which extension should you use?

While most people prefer to register a name with a .com extension, you may decide another fits you better. After all, you can showcase an e-commerce offering with .biz, highlight the information you provide with .info, or be country-specific with .ca or

We know it's a difficult decision, so that's why we make it easy and affordable to register multiple domains. It's a great way to protect your brands and trademarks around the globe.

Sale Price* Minimum Term Requirements Free Extras
.COM $9.95 1 year — Included
.NET $9.95 1 year — Included
.ORG $9.95 1 year — Included
.INFO $9.95 1 year — Included
.BIZ $9.95 1 year — Included
.CO.UK $25.94
(for two years)
2 year — Included
.ORG.UK $25.94
(for two years)
2 year — Included
.CA $9.95 1 year Canadian Citizenship Included
.ASIA $19.95 2 year Citizenship or CED Included
.ME $16.95 1 year — Included
.TEL $24.99 2 year — —
.TV $34.95 1 year — —
.CC $34.95 1 year — —

Every Netfirms domain account includes:

  • 1 email account
  • 5MB storage for a basic web page
  • Domain forwarding
  • Subdomains
  • DNS management
  • 24/7 support

* Domains .com, .net, .org, .info, .ca,,, .us, .name, .biz, sale pricing is $9.95/year for the first year. Second year and Domain renewal is $15.99 each year thereafter.

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Why should I switch to Netfirms?

You like what you're reading about us and what we offer, but you've already registered your domain with someone else. That's okay. It's easy to transfer. Just click on the link below and follow the simple steps.

Click here to get your transfer started.

If you happen to need help, our expert Support Team is available via phone, chat or email.

You can transfer any domain with one of the following extensions: .com / .net / .org / .ca / / .tv / .cc

All we ask is that you are the owner of the domain name or have permission to switch registrars, and that the domain name is unlocked. You may need to talk to your current registrar to have your domain unlocked. They'll probably try to talk you out of it, but stand firm because...

Transferring is free. You'll simply need to renew your domain once you initiate a registrar transfer.

What do you get when you transfer to Netfirms?

  • Exceptional value with the lowest prices
  • Free domain names with most of our hosting plans
  • Powerful yet simple-to-use domain management tools
  • Increased confidence, knowing you are working with an experienced company you can trust

What are my transfer options?

DNS Transfer - you remain with your current registrar but "point" your domain name to your Netfirms website.
After you click on the link above, enter your existing domain name in the search box and click the transfer button. Once you complete the sign up, you'll receive complete instructions on how to finish the DNS transfer, including how to point your existing domain to your Netfirms website. (Please note: With a DNS transfer, your billing and domain name management remain with your current registrar.)

Registrar Transfer (optional) - you move your domain name, billing and domain management to Netfirms.
Once you've completed the DNS transfer, you can perform a registrar transfer quickly and easily via the Netfirms Control Panel. It's a great way to save money with our low domain prices. Best of all, if your domain is part of your hosting plan, it's free for as long as you hold the plan.

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What else do I really need to know?

Will my domain name be live on the Internet right away?

Your domain can be live on the Internet in just minutes. (Note: External networks require a few hours for your domain to be live worldwide.) When you purchase your domain name, our systems send your name to the registry so your order is processed right away.

You can get to work immediately. Our system automatically sets you up with your own Netfirms account and access to the Control Panel, where you can manage your domain settings, and setup your web page and email accounts.

I searched for a domain name yesterday and it was available. Today, it says it's taken. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, yes. Good domain names get snatched up quickly. That's why it's wise to register one you like as soon as you find out it's available.

Can I register multiple domain names at the same time?

Yes. You can put multiple names on the same order. Simple search for your initial name and then search again to add others. And remember, your names are free for life with our web hosting plans.

Do my domains renew automatically?

We renew domains automatically at the end of your term. Please ensure your credit card on record is active. You can manage domain renewal and update credit card records in the control panel.

Can I start building a website when I register my domain?

With each new domain, you can put up a basic 3-page website with our Sitebuilder tool. Note however that the free hosting included with the domain is ad-supported. You can remove the banner ads by upgrading to a hosting plan.

Do I receive any e-mail accounts with my domain name?

New domain registrations can be added to a new or existing Netfirms account. Each Netfirms account includes 1 free e-mail account (unless you upgrade to a hosting package). If you are looking to register multiple domains and want an e-mail account for each, you can either create a separate Netfirms account for each domain or upgrade a single Netfirms account to a hosting package.

You can check your e-mail by logging in to or (where is your Netfirms registered domain). You can also use Outlook or another POP e-mail client to remotely connect to your e-mail. Another option is to use these e-mail accounts to forward messages to another address.

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